Friday, October 18, 2019

Space (Digital) and Place (Physical) Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Space (Digital) and Place (Physical) - Coursework Example In the older days companies tried to market themselves and used several medium that range from radio, personal selling, and direct mail among others (Kurtz, 2008). In the new economy, companies must adopt strategies that are advantageous. This makes digital presence important for each and every organization. Digital presence is seen as the application of the digital platform by an organization in its business strategy (Mullins & Walker, 2010). The digital platform involves the use of web based applications in the delivery of goods and services. The internet and the World Wide Web have been used extensively by companies as mediums of digital presence. Companies have set up their websites and these are being used to sell goods and services both nationally and globally (Hanzaee, Behbound, & Ardakani, 2011). This brings us to the importance of digital presence for any organization which is: the syndication of information, the increasing returns to scale of network products, ability to cu stomize and personalize market offerings, ability to disinter mediate distribution, global reach, round the clock access and the possibility of instantaneous delivery (Mullins & Walker, 2010). ... Physical presence helps organizations in the delivery of goods and service to the market. Whereas digital presence is seen as important in the twenty first century because of the techno savvy generation, physical presence is still important especially to the local market and to those people who do not have access to the internet (Kurtz, 2008). A few strategic steps must be taken to ensure a company is located at the right place that is safe, friendly and accessible to the target market. The strategic positioning must follow the process of marketing that is concerned with socialization providing the needed activities in order that the customers and the organization get what they want and when they want it to facilitate an effective exchange process (Mullins & Walker, 2010). There are many implications for companies planning to maintain digital presence or physical presence. Digital presence means that a company must invest in technology especially web based technologies and mobile tel ephony platforms that will enable them to reach their customers and their customers to reach them (Simms, 2007). Vats amount of resources may be required in infrastructure in order to reach targeted populations. Financial resources will also be required to facilitate the entire process. The company must also involve itself in the provision of information to its customers informing them of the move to the online platform and these require a lot investment in advertising and promotional content (Simms, 2007). Many companies especially in the 20th century began with the physical presence before venturing onto the online platform. In the 21st century companies do not necessarily have to set up a physical presence before moving to the

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