Monday, October 7, 2019

Reflective report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Reflective report - Essay Example These included self confidence, the levels of conservatism exuded, assertiveness, as well as risk taking. The other aspect that was considered was the attitude of the diners. The objective was also to profile the complainers against the non complainers in terms of choice of action that the former decides to take. Other than, the objective sought to establish the relationships that lies between the aforementioned factors. Lastly, the study sought to come up with what would be termed as an appropriate complaint behavior from the Chinese diners. The essay was evaluated by my professor. From the evaluation, the comments that were received were very positive. In fact, the evaluation insinuated that the research had been collectively conducted in a successful manner. The ideas that were focused on in the essay showed consistency as well as a well thought outline. In fact, the final grade that I was assigned from the evaluation shows that it was a successful study. In the feedback that I re ceived, however, there were some points that were raised by the instructor. For instance, there was the recommendation that I adopted a language which would easily be understood by everyone. The criticism was that I should be coherent in explaining some of the issues raised in the course of the essay. Being a dissertation on management, the focus on the anticipated course of action that Chinese diners would take should be brought out clearly from the start of the essay till the end. Otherwise, the essay is relatively well written and well researched. It gives the necessary information on the topical subject. In the case of a viva in the mid ear,my performance in terms of the essay would not have been bad. In fact, I would rate my essay as good. This comes from many factors which mainly relate to a personal evaluation on the essay done. In reference to providing good answers to the questions provided, it is assertive to state that the essay covered well the questions that were highli ghted in the course of its research. The topics were discussed in view of how relevant they are in the current society. Section 2 The second essay was on a study that was conducted to affirm how relevant CCB was in terms of modern day marketing. In the days gone by, it was the norm. However, in recent years things had changed. Consequently, the study was relevant and was about perfect timing in terms of the predicament. In reference to CCB, research has been carried out under different times in many countries but the information that was availed was not sufficient s of being specific to the developing markets found in countries such as those in Asia. This should bear in mind that countries such as China have a peculiar trait in that their culture as well as religious composition shows homogeneity. The evaluation of the essay was done by my professor. I view of the grading system that is currently used, I would say that the essay was quite precise in highlighting the essence of CCB i n modern day marketing. The issues that were worth praising from my essay is how the ideas that formed the argument were brought out well and clear. The argument was presented in a way that showed either a deep understanding of the topical subject or a well researched work. That is what made the instructor be impressed by my work. However, in as much as the essay showed exemplary understanding of

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