Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bethany Qualls's essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Bethany Qualls's essay - Assignment Example Most arguments and facts expressed in Qualls’ essay have their basis on evidence, examples, and references. Formality in academic writing is a vital aspect. An academic paper should be free of slang and informal words including contractions (Beard 474). Qualls’ essay satisfies the standards of formality in academic writings. It is free of informal words and contractions. Besides formality, clear statement of a writer’s point of view is imperative. While stating the point of view, writers avoid using second person pronouns. Instead, third person pronouns are best applicable with exceptions of instances when first person pronouns use is justified. Qualls’ essay is appropriate in expressing views using third person pronouns and, in some instance, the first person. Although Qualls’ essay conforms to the standards of a formal and well-written academic paper, there are notable points that demand improvement. In some instances, Qualls does not use direct and succinct statements. Sentences appear vague, long or complicated and, therefore, unclear. An example is the use of shortened words in Qualls’ essay. The sentence, â€Å"I wasn’t enthusiastic about his visit,† contains a shortened word. Instead of using â€Å"wasn’t,† Qualls should use â€Å"was

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