Monday, October 28, 2019

Definition Essay Essay Example for Free

Definition Essay Essay Ambition; a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Many people have different ambitions in life so the word ambition would have different definitions, depending on whom you ask. To me ambition is a burning urge and desire to achieve your goals or succeed. Ambition applies to dedication, motivation and time. I have many ambitions to achieve in a set period of time. For example my education, I would like to complete my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering within four years. Within time motivates me to achieve my ambitions of obtaining that bachelor degree. Ambition in other words is the motive force needed to propel all of us to work towards our set cherished goals. It is the dynamic inner force that has led people from all walks of life to cleave to a new path, set a new vision and fight through hurdles to win with honor. Try and try again. You have to fail early to be able to succeed. As Bruce Lee once said â€Å"you have fall down 7 times get up 8.† That never-say die attitude is ambition. Many athletes in the collegiate level have a desire to be eligible to play their sport and make a living off of it. Nothing is handed to a person, they work their buttocks off and put in countless hours of practice and pride into what they do. Acknowledging the hard work and struggles that an athlete goes through shows their desire and passion for what they do and why they love it. Ambition is built into a person, a person who wants to become successful and to be able to provide for not only their selves but for their family. My personal ambition is contingent on my professional aspirations. My personal ambition is to be able to give back to my parents for all they have done to support my sister and me. I have always had the ambition to be able to make enough to support for them in the future and give them anything they want. My ideal happiness is to pay off the mortgage for the house and see the happiness in both of their faces. The desire to become successful and to be able to provide for my parents applies to my  uncle who is also an electrical engineer that lives in California. My uncle is able to provide for his two kids and his stay at home wife. They own a 5 bedroom house in San Diego and they are living luxurious. Seeing my uncle being able to provide gives me the ambition to become successful as he is and do the same. Obviously, ambition here has a healthy role to play. Engineering has always been my forte. I love designing and building and to be able to do it with electricity is humbling. 4 Years of my life is required to be eligible for my bachelors and it is something that I am looking forward too. Having the guidance of my uncle and other successful peers gives me a sigh of relief and eagerness to finish and be able to hold that diploma in the end keeps me going. Risking countless hours of studying, all-nighters, and no social life will be financially rewarding in the end. I have to stay humble. My parents expectations did affect me because I saw how hard they worked to bring me up and make my life easier. My family has nurtured me in a respectable way of life. That is why I have chosen to become an EE because it fulfills my ambition and is pleasing to my parents by me making a decent living. Therefore, one of my ambitions will be achieved because EE blends an ethically satisfying job and a healthy contentment to my life. Being able to travel and experiencing new outcomes will be a blessing in disguise. Accomplishing my short term and long term goal will be something I look forward to in life. Once those goals are accomplished, new goals will be made and the ambition to accomplish those goals will take way. Ambition is a powerful word that has a powerful meaning in my life. A brief description on ambition is to be able to accomplish what is desired. I have an ambition to accomplish my goals and to be able to provide for my parents and myself. My ambition to become successful in life takes place in my heart. If I work hard for what I want, then I’ll be able to take pride on for what I worked for. Ones action should be directed towards the nations prosperity. I should strive hard honestly, sincerely and with dedication to achieve it. The hard work should pay off and the journey to my bachelor’s degree should be a tough battle, nothing is given but is earned.

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