Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Human Resources Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Human Resources Management - Essay Example In keeping with the theme of globalisation, the expansion of a business depends largely on the integration of the organisations operations with the prevailing culture of a region. Strategic planning is an essential form for the management of the business in accordance with the derived objectives. The planning helps in deciding the goals of the organisation, making management of resources for the future along with observing whether the structure is aligned to meet the needs of the business (Lawrence, n.d.; Free Courseware Project, 2008). Human resources management is important for recruiting the right person, managing the talent within the organisation and also handling the performance of the management and the employees. This would help the company to progress in the economically volatile marketplace and expand the business in the global market for long-term sustainability. Moreover, the business model used by human resources management to coordinate the design, talent management and many strategies effectively is useful for the purpose of expansion. The HR management takes considerable steps to manage the employees effectively and motivate them which lead to the increase in the organisations’ growth. A proper management style followed within the organisation, along with its effects on the internal and the external environment facilitates a business to expand. Human resources management acts as a mediator which manages the perspective of the employees and the goals of the management by understanding the needs of the organisation for its success. The effectiveness of the HR management will certainly facilitate to retain the talented employees and empower a pool of employees to take up challenging roles and responsibilities which in turn would assist the organisation to achieve its goals regarding expansion in the global market with profit and sustainability (Mohrman, 2007; Tan & Mahoney, 2012; Pearson Education Ltd, 2013). The objective of the study is to evaluate the role played by strategic human resource management in augmenting the responsibility of human resources’ for monitoring the external environment. The implication of the human resource strategies and policies on the organisation is evaluated in lieu of the internal and external contexts. The study evaluates the effect of strategic HRM on the HR management practices of three of the leading organisations based in the United Kingdom namely Unilever plc, BT plc and GlaxoSmithKline plc. The successful implementation and the negative effects of the organisations’ strategic HR management practices are also evaluated in the study Review of Pertinent Literatures According to Schuler and Jackson (2008), â€Å"in recent years, the evolution of strategic human resource management has meant that human resource’s responsibility for monitoring the external environment has grown.† The statement is feasible to a certain extent for the effectiveness as the mana gement resources must be capable of understanding the objectives of the people and the organisation. Moreover, it leads to the increase in the effectiveness of the organisational performance. Human resources management of every organisation depends essentially on planning, staffing, performance appraisal, compensation and the retention of labour. As affirmed by Rioux & et. al. (2000), the HR management not only maintains the internal environment but also manages the culture, organisational design, and other

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