Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Technology With the development of technologies, people always use new technologies like Facebook to communicate with each other. Some people prefer to communicate with other people face to face because they think this can help them understand each other deeply among different populations. Others believe that technologies like Facebook make different people close. When faced with the decision of whether technologies can create more understanding or not, quite a few would claim that convenient technologies keep people apart, and people fail to interact face to face. If people use technologies to talk with each other, they will create lots of misunderstanding. But others, in contrast, deem that technologies can give more understanding as the premier choice and that is also my point. I think technologies like Facebook create more understanding among diverse populations because technologies create more opportunities for communication among diverse populations, help enable people to achieve social i nteraction, boost self-esteem, and help people express themselves in different ways. First, technologies create more opportunities for communication among diverse populations. Nowadays, many different people use technologies to communicate with each other. For example, Facebook has more than 750 million users worldwide. Those users are from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Technologies give people more choices to meet different people. Diverse populations can talk with each other in the same "place" using the technologies. For example, a person who is in America and another person who is in Turkey can talk with each other conveniently and efficiently although they did not know each other before. Technologies faci... ...rt response. On the other hand, technologies can use a system to identify the users' information. For instance, SINA WEIBO, which is a technology like Facebook in China, requires the user to submit his real information, and this system will check his personal information, such as name and ID number. When someone uses this system to commit crimes, the police can catch him easily. With the development of technologies, the online information will be more valuable and correct in the future. According to what we have discussed above, we can draw a conclusion that technologies make different people very close, and let them know each other deeply among diverse population. In the future, a lot of new technologies will appear in our life, and those new technologies will change the ways of our life. What we should do is adopt new technologies, and enjoy our technology life.

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