Thursday, October 17, 2019

Follow the attachment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Follow the attachment - Essay Example It is about a court ruling in Europe that all social networks sites should install monitoring programs to avoid internet piracy. The article goes against the ruling saying that the step is wrong and illegal. The article was compiled by Don Reisinger. The other article is Car tech from the category of Reviews. It is composed by Cunnington Wayne. The article is, 2012 Honda CR: AN exercise in moderation ( Wayne says that the car keeps many of its values intact making it a popular small SUV car. However, the car never takes the advantages of the existing new opportunities to make it better or improve its quality. With the existing earth dream initiative, Honda is developing other efficient engines compared to the current engines. The next article from reviews is about the new tablets and some coolest gadgets. The article title is: Incredible light, superfast laptops ( It talks about a laptop which is ultraportable in nature. The laptops are of all pieces, as well as, operating systems. However, all of them are easily portable compared to other brands. The last article is from the Mac Software in the downloads category. The title of the article is; â€Å"With Mountain Lion, Apple brings iOS and OS X a big step closer† ( article is posted by Kent German. OS X also has ability to unify the experience of the user while adding new and unique security protection. Technology is very important to human life in several aspects. However, not all the existing technological tools are healthy or safe to human use. We do understand that these innovations are very crucial for human survival in different areas of life including hospitals, as well as various matriculation institutions. In the first case, the article talks of a machine that will make human work easier than before by aiding in the management of different electrical appliances. The article does not

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