Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Team building Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Team building - Essay Example need is to develop skills of team building within the organizations through training and development comprised of several activities and case studies that will exemplify significance of team building in various situations. Team building helps to develop leadership within the organizations and derives synergic effects into the organizations as well. It saves time as well as efforts because of effective behavioral change that occurs due to team building. The proposed cost of the program includes administrative cost and training and education material cost. Administrative cost covers all expenses that include venue preparation, financial reporting, secretarial work and cost of trainers. Other cost includes training tools, kits and relevant handouts. The primary objective of team building program is to enhance productivity of non-profit organizations through developing certain skills of coordination to work with other members of the organization. The goal is to render the non-profit organizations more effective in delivering their philanthropic services. The culture of working in teams has to be nurtured in such organizations to let them work better. Certain case studies will be highlighted that will portray importance of working in teams and that will also signify team building values and critical situations that can be handled effectively with the help of team

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