Monday, August 26, 2019

Forensic Chemical Pathology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Forensic Chemical Pathology - Essay Example First is through the sublingual or (buccal) cavity where some drugs are administered into the body beneath the tongue or the cheek from where they are absorbed from the animal body into the human circulation system (Houck and Siegel, 2006). These drugs are also administered orally, this the most method used in drug administration into the body by many individuals. In addition, the drug can be introduced through rectal organ, a method mostly used in children (Houck and Siegel, 2006). Besides entrance organs, the drugs can also be administered through, parenteral routes that is, through intravenous injection, intra-arterial injection, inhalation, intramuscular injection and topically through the eye, skin and intra-vaginal parts. This is the process by which drug molecules passes from the administration site to the circulation system in the body of human being. This process applies to all forms of drug administration routes except through injections where drug is introduced directly into the blood system (Houck and Siegel, 2006). The absorption of the drug demands that absorption of drug should move from cell to cell through permeable membranes. The process of blood absorption takes place through passive diffusion into the circulatory system of the body. The rate at which the drug is absorbed into the body is always relative to the concentration of the drug taken (Houck and Siegel, 2006). These drugs absorption can therefore take place through lipid diffusion in the cells or by aqueous concentration of solution or by active method. Drug distribution, is the process by which the drug taken leaves the circulation system and moves into the tissues and organs of the body. This process is made possible by diffusion into interstitial fluid and other cells from the circulation. Besides drugs can be transported through active method in hepatic cells, from where they go through enzymatic biotransformation (Houck and Siegel,

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