Tuesday, August 27, 2019

McDonalds global strategic of human resource management Essay

McDonalds global strategic of human resource management - Essay Example Since then, McDonald’s kept growing in terms of business and innovative products and concepts that attracted the international market to acquire franchise stores in their countries. At McDonald’s, learning is highly encouraged. From the setting up of Hamburger University to educate people in the food business, to welcoming students to work part time while offering them a suitable schedule to still accommodate their studies, the company has established its value for learning. Within each store, much learning and development ensue. Employees’ skills and potentials are maximized with effective motivational strategies. Aside from contributing to the improvement of employees, it also redounds to beneficial outcomes for the company. To management, their human resources are the company’s greatest wealth and are worth investing on. They see employees as the primary source of progress in terms of quality and productivity. Employee development takes on a learning or ientation throughout the McDonald’s system. This shows the company’s commitment to empowering their people towards better performance in their work, thereby impacting organizational efficiency. The awards reaped by the company throughout the years prove that McDonald’s is one company committed not only to the highest standards of excellence in the food service industry but also to being a great employer that motivates its employees to strive for their best performance. Employee recognition is one thing McDonald’s believe in. Their recognition programs are designed to reward and recognize worthy employees who exhibit above average performance. The President’s Award is given to the top 1% of individual performers worldwide in the corporate division and region offices. The Circle of Excellence award is bestowed upon top teams who contribute their efforts in advancing the company’s vision (McDonald’s.com) With the purpose of retaining the ir high-performing employees, McDonald’s has also devised ways to keep them such as helping them invest in their futures. Employees have access to financial management services, profit shares in the company as well as long-term incentives. These benefits are granted to key employees who have exhibited sustained quality performance and have impacted long-term value creation in the company (McDonald’s.com). An employee of the month is voted each month and then, each quarter. This motivates the employees to strive hard to be a candidate. The winner gets vouchers as rewards and becomes eligible as candidates towards Employee of the quarter, and rewards are increased as the employee goes up the hierarchy of the award. Another motivational scheme for employee development is rewarding employees for their loyalty to the company in the longevity of their employment. Employees who stay at McDonalds from 5 years are given monetary rewards every 5 years, and this increases in valu e every time. The foregoing is what is publicized as McDonald’s profile as an employer. However, a different case seems to be recognized in its branches in Europe. Although it has exerted much effort in preventing the formation of unions amongst their employees, discontent in some still manage to seep through (Royle, 2002). McDonald’s in Europe face a greater challenge in terms of its employment of culturally diverse workers with varying ages and qualifications (Royle, 1999). This paper discusses such issues on how the company has dealt with such challenges in its

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