Friday, September 13, 2019

Case Study 5 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

5 - Case Study Example It means that when Subaru wants to introduce a new product, the existing products are rarely eliminated (Yamaguchi, 2005). Subaru also centers its products on the customer needs. This is what drives the firm’s product development. Customer needs are monitored and then they are integrated into the way the products of the firm are developed with an intention to make sure that the customer is happy with e products. The fact that the customer needs keep shifting has also meant that the firm has to continually look for ways to innovate in a dynamic way to keep up with the high speed of changing customer needs. Subaru realizes that without keeping up with the changing customer needs, it will be hard for it to remain competitive in the market. This has therefore been the central part of the firm’s strategy with regard to the way it accesses the market. Google’s product development is both similar and different from others found in the other firms. It is similar because like in other firms, product development is the ultimate market strategy for any firms. Firms in a modern economy realize that they have to continually change their product in order to meet shifting customer needs and therefore they have to keep improving their products. Like Google, they have to keep innovating new ways to make the customer happy. However, Google is also different in that its innovation is more dynamic and more spontaneous. Unlike in other firms where any innovation process has to be thought out and be flagged by the senior management, innovation at Google is an everyday process and it is everybody’s responsibility as opposed to it being a process only initiated by the managers. Google’s product development is also customer focused (Iyer & Davenport, 2008). Their innovation is all about making sure that the customer gets what t hey want. In fact, they take advantage of the technology to make sure that they can personalize the products for each

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