Friday, July 26, 2019

Seneca, On the Shortness of Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Seneca, On the Shortness of Time - Essay Example We understand the value of life through living. Those who delay and linger will always waste their time thinking about the future and not the present. In life, many people start living when their end is near. Long life is not guaranteed by chronological age. This only reminds us that one exists for a very long time. This is compared to the man whose ship has failed to sink but hit in a storm and later tossed by waves in circles. Such kind of a man usually thinks that he has traveled for a long way while in the real sense he has just been going in waves. These kinds of people realize how time passes quickly during their mortal danger. During this dangerous moment, they try their level best to use money to lengthen their lives. In other situations such kind of people uses their time as if it is a commodity which can be easily replaced any moment. Due to the fast movement of time, many people have been mistaken by thinking that it is very easy to postpone the preparations for the coming old age. This is why most people arrive as children at old age. According to the Seneca, life comprises three parts: â€Å"what will be, what is now and what has been†. The past is the only secure part as it is outside control of fate and it cannot be easily hurt. Furthermore, Seneca implies that, ‘what is’ means that the present is short and passing. Thus, if a man occupies himself he will actually have no extra time for mental tranquility. Life is desperate for those who kept piling more riches, power and earthly pleasures and those who wasted time on superfluous matters. These people cheat time through lies and harmful behaviors and always cling towards illusionary youthful images. Thereafter, they wail because they claim their unaccomplished life as they lacked time to enjoy the fruits from their efforts and enjoy their dreams. In contrary, the wise time users are ever willing to march towards the end of their life. They live more years in religious creation,

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