Monday, July 29, 2019

Quote Expansions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Quote Expansions - Coursework Example at social movements engaged in resistance fail to give a clear picture of what the reality is concerning issues of violence against homosexuals or women. Dean states that whatever is taught at school under patriotic narrative is erroneous because it states that the law is an answer to all problems related to racial and sexist problems because it has created a fair and neutral America. Spade shows that this narrative is wrong because if it were true, the US should not experience issues of inequality or violence against sexual minorities such as lesbians and gays (Spade 21). The author supports this by stating that resistant political theorists and social movements show the concept of state violence through exposing the fact that the entities that are supposed to protect minority groups such as gays and women have failed to do so showing that the state is not the ideal place where people should look for protection (Spade 21). In agreement with Spade, it is indeed true that looking at institutions and the possession of power is a narrow view could be detrimental towards understanding significant issues in the society. While it is true that the state can contribute towards the lessening of violence and discrimination against sexual and gender minorities through formulation and implementation of laws, state and the laws as institutions could be the same places where violence erupts. For example, in Dual Dualisms by Fausto-Sterling, the author addresses issues of male or female and how the International Olympics Committee (IOC) deconstructed this in the 1960s. Focusing on testing of athletes, she states, â€Å"In part, IOC rules reflect cold war political anxieties: during the 1968 Olympics, for instance, the IOC instituted ‘‘scientific’’ sex testing in response to rumors that some Eastern European competitors were trying to win glory for the Communist cause by cheating—having men masquerade as women to gain unfair advantage† (Fausto-Sterling 2). Here, the

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