Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Devine Michelangelo and Rapheal A Mortal God videos criticism Essay

The Devine Michelangelo and Rapheal A Mortal God videos criticism - Essay Example In an effort to recreate and retell the stories of these two classical artists, BBC, in association with acclaimed directors like Bernard Hill and Sydney Kean, produced informative documentary films. These films are; Raphael – A Mortal God and The Devine Michelangelo. In 2004, BBC created a drama-documentary on the life and works of Raphael. Raphael – A Mortal God was directed by John Holdsworth. The film, which runs for 60 minutes, was released in January 2004. In the film, Bernard Hill takes the role of a background narrator. Among the key cast members include McKenna, acting as Pope Julius 2 and Joe McFadden acting as Raphael. The documentary is educational in nature (Weyant). It covers on the life and heydays of Raphael as one of the most colorful artists of Renaissance Italy. In order to enhance understanding, the documentary shows graphical representations of Raphael’s work. In addition, motion pictures depicting characters and scenes synonymous to those of Renaissance Rome are used. Personally, I think the documentary on Raphael – A Mortal God is successfully inspired. As an educational documentary, Raphael – A Mortal God captures a viewer’s attention through a recognizable conflict between the characters and the environmental context of the story. As a means of developing the dramatic curve of Raphael’s story, Bernard Hill takes a reserved stage and narrates events in a contrasting manner. For example, Raphael succeeded as an artist because he employed experimental techniques instead of adhering to conventional artistic techniques of renaissance art. In depicting Raphael’s conflict with conventional techniques of renaissance art, the film uses audio and visual medium in alienating the artist in respect to the background context (Weyant). Despite the documentary’s success in certain aspects, there is an apparent inadequacy in the use of motion pictures. In addition, the

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